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And sometimes, that might have even been a nice thing. What are you talking about when you say that women dont have personal boundaries. Youre nothing more than a sex-stealing, Internet-hating, slut-shaming, whore-abusing, woman-hating troll. And Ill make this simple for you: Women can do whatever they want with your money, your body, and your soul; but youre not getting any of it ever again. And then youll be sorry because at 55, youll be old, and you dont know what youve done with your life. Im sure you have some idea about it and you will be sorry because at 55, youll be old and you dont know what youve done with your life. My first marriage was to a nice, wholesome man in the 60s, so I was just getting over the phase of having sex with random guys. I had always assumed my second marriage would be with a man I was in love with, but he had an affair. I just wanted someone to take care of me. This was in New York, so I was fortunate enough to find a woman who was receptive to those sorts of relationship fantasies. She wanted to sleep with me, but she was much younger than I was and I was in a relationship and she was single, so it didnt work out. So we dont sleep together anymore. A and I was living alone at the time, and I had an aunt named Rose who lived in the same building as me, and she was a stripper. She was so beautiful and I thought it would be a great idea if one of us had some sort of relationship with a man. Later, when she got married Rose, I always thought she should be my wife. In any case, I have never slept with a man, and I never will. The sad thing is that I havent slept with a man, and I never will. Its too bad that the Internet isnt used better in this world, but Im not really offended by it, because the Internet was used better five years ago. People were just coming out of the woodwork and making horrible things on there. But, were better off for the fact that the Internet isnt used.

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