50 Cents BM Daphne Joy Calls Diddy Her Favorite Person in Birthday Tribute

The model and the ‘Gotta Move On’ hitmaker once sparked romance rumors in April 2021 after they were spotted going out and about together before reigniting the speculations in September this year.

AceShowbiz50 Cent‘s baby mama Daphne Joy showed love for Sean “P. Diddy” Combs on his birthday. To mark the hip-hop mogul’s 53rd milestone, the model shared a loving tribute to him, whom she called her “favorite person.”

Making use of Instagram Story, Daphne shared a mirror selfie in which she appeared to wear a black bikini. In the snap, she was seen sitting next to a man, who was seemingly the “Gotta Move On” hitmaker. She captioned it, “Happy Birthday to my favorite person.”

Daphne and Diddy once sparked romance rumors in April 2021 after they were spotted going out and about together. Her baby daddy 50 Cent even responded to the photo of the two by writing, “Nah me and puff fight over business s**t. If he like the girl, he like the girl. I don’t give a f**k!”

The dating speculations resurfaced in September this year after social media users noticed that Daphne and Diddy were at the same event, though they were not seen together. Further fueling the reports, both the model and the hip-hop mogul have posted pictures of them seemingly on the same private jet.

This time, however, 50 Cent gave a different response. Posting a picture of him and son Sire Jackson, whom he shares with Daphne, he wrote in the caption, “Oh s**t, that’s your mommy over there with Puffy. LOL. Remeber [sic] what I told you the other day, these b***hes be crazy. SMH.”

Daphne didn’t take Fiddy’s jab at her lightly. Clapping back, she responded in the comment of his Instagram post, “Please stop doing this to me. I never bother you and I’m an outstanding mother to our son. Can we please just focus on that. Please.”

Daphne further vented her frustration over the public’s reactions to the dating rumors via her own Instagram page. On September 26, she wrote a lengthy statement that read, “I hate speaking about my private life on social media. But I feel it needs to be addressed, I’m so tired of my narrative being what it is.”

Explaining her past romantic relationship with Fiddy, she shared, “I was in a 2 year relationship 10+ years ago and out of the relationship God blessed me with a beautiful healthy baby boy. Although my child’s father and I parted ways, I shifted my focus on my sons well being emotionally, spiritually, and everything in between. I’ve healed privately, matured, have been closer to God then ever before and really appreciating this life.”

“I just want to be happy and be left alone,” the Philippines-born beauty added. “We’re all human and you never know where life can take you. I value and cherish anyone I bring into my life and when I finally show a glimpse of my happiness, I feel I’m attacked for on it.”

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