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Ll just go ahead and put you in a bathing suit too. Ll also want you to wear a wig. Your friend,ChrisPS You can call me Chris. You hear the door open and close, and then the sound of your phone beep. You let out a sigh of relief, you were getting close. Chris did have some interesting comments about your body. Re either going to be with Chris or someone else. When you get home, Chris is waiting for you. So, I heard you were having some trouble with your Mom, so I came over to help. Chris leads you to your room, where he opens up his bag. S holding a lot of items, but you only see a lighter. You open it up and see a lighter that still has some alcohol inside of it. Chris says patting out a lighter he pulled out of his bag. You look at him and nod and he gives you a smile. Well sort of, I heard one of his songs on repeat in my room when I was a kid.

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