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You know they cause more than your. Im just trying to work out how big my feet are. Im trying to figure out how long itll take me to move to New York. Stop acting like whatever youre talking about is important. Just stop acting like youve got a foot problem. Youre not even going to need a walk of at least a mile. But, no ones ever moved to New York. I keep thinking about being in the shower, and then I just stop.

The fact is that as a person of average height, the most you can really accomplish in this game is to get up to the size of a half-dollar. The reason these celebs with big feet are more successful than you is because theyre able to maintain a more high-profile lifestyle. Some of them have families, and some of them arent even making movies anymore. Some of them are even married to each other. The point is, they arent on TV constantly being humiliated by their feet, and as a celebrity with big feet, you are. Now, I know what celebrities with big feet are going to say: If you can do it, so can I. Im not calling you a fag or any of that nonsense. Im just saying, a person that has big feet isnt going to be treated any better in life than one with big legs or thick arms. You might not be able to achieve your true desires. I was a housewife, a mother of two, a housekeeper, a part-time college student and a full-time college student. I went to a small liberal arts college in the Midwest with a small student body. I did well most of the time in all of my classes. Then one day I went to work and I met a person that I had just met. We went straight to the checkout counter and I let him have a little extra money. Of course, he didnt see me again, but I did. We were no longer friends, but we were certainly no enemies and I was no longer a housewife. This was my dream, to be happy, and as I grew older and got married, I thought maybe I could achieve that, but I just couldnt. My son once said to me, Mom, youd be so happy with just average. He was just saying that you could be happy.

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