2000 celebrities then and now

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Its actually so much of a small thing but it is also a very personal thing in the sense that, as they say, I have a special connection that I was able to draw on and which makes it special. Its also a personal thing that I want to share a little bit with you. I have been, and still am, someone who is deeply into pop culture and media. I am also very aware of the way things are changing so I do think there needs to be some kind of a public conversation. I dont know how to do it but there needs to be. I dont want to be in charge of it but if there are the kind of people who feel there are some things that need to be said then I am open to sharing my personal experiences as well as mine as a media creator. There was once a time when the entertainment industry had a lot more control over what kind of stories and characters would be told in the media. I dont think the industry is there anymore and I dont know how to fix it. And I am not even talking about the stories they were told but about the characters they were created to be. Heres the thingSome of you may know me but for those of you who dont, you should know that I was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania. I have never been to college but I got my Bachelors degree in Social Work from Penn State and got a Juris Doctor from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. I wrote my first book when I was 18 years old and I have been a writer ever since. Before I got my degree I got a job at an agency as a copywriter so I was able to work within the industry which I loved. I had a lot of friends from the agency who all worked and I went to school to learn from them so I was very familiar with the industry that I was in. I was also very aware of the things that were going on and changing which is why I really wanted to be independent. My grandfather who was a nurse said that if you werent born into money, you really should be. I really had no idea how money worked. I had been working for a year or so when I had a big break that would change my life forever. When I was 20 I was working at a restaurant and had just been laid off. I was a dishwasher at the time so I wasnt making much. 400 and I also didnt really have many of my own savings.

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