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Mens fashion was very, very conservative then, so a lot of them wore the same suits, tie, and pocket square style youre using now. Some even wore the same suits, and ties, and pocket squares, but very conservatively. However, there was the beginning of the 50s where fashion began to change and a lot of those Hollywood stars, and their fans, would wear the latest trends. As the decade progressed it was the style to wear a little more extravagant clothing. This included, but was not limited to, silk shirts with the occasional black coat. He still had his beautiful voice, but he was turning 40. Or at least he was less of an ugly old person. Thats when you, the person who wants to be the first person you know who gets to be a 50 year old man with all the sex and drugs he wants, start to become more popular than him. The more you try to be the first person you know for your entire life who gets to be a rock star, the more youre hated. People hate you because they love Elvis and everyone else. People also hate you because they hate the devil. If you didnt exist they would blame Satan or whoever could get them to do something. People are trying to stop the world, and they have a much more powerful weapon than you do which is money. They can take all the money you have and the world will be all right. If you can just get enough money and get yourself something that people will even notice for a small moment that would be good. You want to get yourself as popular as possible, you want to get yourself as famous as possible, you want to get yourself as rich as possible, but the problem is you dont have enough money or fame or whatever you want to be really famous for that matter. You cant do anything but stand around in front of crowds and give lip service to the audience. He keeps making stupid romantic remarks about you. He goes on about how he is your big brother to the point where you have to say things like big brother and big sister and he looks so happy when he says them. Your sister says her boyfriend wont let her do anything, he doesnt even let her go out with friends with long hair. The world is turning dark and people are trying to stop you, but you wont give up and.

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